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"You guys really impresed me! I really LOVE this design. Its very whimsical and fun. I love this logo!!!"
     Kevin Roberge,
     Creative Director for Disney

"The speed at which you can arrange for samples to be previewed is superb and as far as I have seen online totally unrivalled. The second reason and probably more important to myself is how your company dealt with any emails or questions, responses I have had from other companies are much less friendly. The 2 other design companies I spoke to where much more demanding on initial input before they would start. An excellent logo that fits exactly what we wanted! Thanks for all your help and compliments for the Excellent samples you provided!"
     Steve McConnell

     Northern Ireland

"OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY!
You have given me complete satisfaction, listened to my requests, and made unlimited changes. I have hired and fired two people on this project. Not a single one of these people worked out! Why? They just didnt listen to what I wanted. I cannot wait to work with you again."
     Rena Anders, Owner
     Date by Friday


"Hola, the logo 1 is great !!!!  I really appreciate your time. Your creativity and profesionalism are quality #1! Thanks a lot for being part of our dream !!!!!"
     Susana Valdez
     International Trade Consulting


"I cannot recommend 60 minute LOGO enough!
I was not only in a hurry, but had difficult logo requirements, which required extra work. 60 minute LOGO was quick and offered a variety of logo choices. I made numerous revisions, but in less than 24 hours I was off to the printers to get stationary, business cards, signs, etc. Even the printer was very impressed with the quality of the logo."
     Jim Weix, President
     The REAL ESTATE COMPANY of Martin County


We consulted many logo designers.The logos offered by 60minutelogo were simply excellent. We considered over 50designs from various design companies, we decided on two (One as a company logo, the other as a general logo for packing materials etc.), and both were among the 5 offerd by you. We are finally satisfied....Thanks!
     Ozone Biomedicals