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1. Your ideas, sketches, notes, and photos. We will review your sketches and use them as starting points for concept explorations. You can fax them to 60 Minute Logo at (801) 659-9827. You may also send us an Email with attached JPEG or GIF files.       Please type in your thoughts below:
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Pre-designed Stationery
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Note: This offer is good for two business cards only
For additional names, a processing fee of $20 for typesetting will be charged to your credit card for each additional name.

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Online Logo Access/Archiving Availability for 1 Full Year
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It is like having your own web page for your company logo files and/or company stationery files that can be downloaded 24/7. No more hassels of looking for your files.

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Logo CD
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Need A Slogan
Let our copy writers go to work on your company's slogan.

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