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    You guys really impressed me! I really LOVE this design. Its very whimsical and fun. I love this logo!!!

     Kevin Roberge, Creative Director for Disney
     Performing Arts Nashua
    As for why I picked your company - 2 reasons, the speed at which you can arrange for samples to be previewed is superb and as far as I have seen online totally unrivalled. The second reason and probably more important to myself is how your company dealt with any emails or questions, responses I have had from other companies are much less friendly. In most cases I would presume people really don’t have much of an idea of what sort of a logo they want, the 2 other companies I spoke to where much more demanding on initial input before they would start. With your help I think we resulted in an excellent logo that fits exactly what we wanted! Thanks for all your help and compliments for the Excellent samples you provided!

     Steve McConnell
     Northern Ireland
    I cannot recommend 60 minute LOGO enough!
I was not only in a hurry, but had difficult logo requirements, which required extra work. 60 minute LOGO was quick and offered a variety of logo choices. I made numerous revisions, but in less than 24 hours I was off to the printers to get stationary, business cards, signs, etc. Even the printer was very impressed with the quality of the logo.

     Jim Weix, President
     The REAL ESTATE COMPANY of Martin County
    I would certainly like to say that we consulted many designs (Above 50 but did not like any). The logos offered by you people (60minutelogo) were simply excellent. We considered over 50, decided on two (One as a company logo, the other as a general logo for packing materials etc.), and both were among the 5 offerd by you. We are finally satisfied....Thanks!

     Ozone Biomedicals
    My initial reaction is that I LOVE them all! You have made the decision much more difficult. It may take a little while for me to get back to you. I am so excited I can barely stand it. Thanks.

     Melvin, President
     Atlantic Animal Hospital
    We are very pleased and I have to say that the process is a good one. Maybe we took longer than other companies (did we?) but the chance to see various possible options helped a lot. Anyway, I think you guys did a great job and the final product is solid.

     Marathon Ring
    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY!
You have given me complete satisfaction, listened to my requests, and made unlimited changes. I have hired and fired two people on this project. Not a single one of these people worked out! Why? They just didnt listen to what I wanted. I cannot wait to work with you again. Please use me as a reference.

     Rena Anders, Owner
     Date by Friday
    Many thanks for the revised logo...That's it, job done and thanks for your perseverence. Many thanks and best regards.

     Financial Page
    I sent the approval from the link for number 15. It's perfect, the addition of the string to form the "A" was just what it needed. Please send me the file so I can start on biz cards, brochures etc. Many thanks, we'll work together again..guaranteed.
     Joe Owens
    Hola, the logo 1 is great !!!!  this will be the logo-slogan we want to start using. I really appreciate your time. Your creativity and profesionalism are quality #1! Thanks a lot for being part of our dream !!!!!

     Susana Valdez
     International Trade Consulting
    Congratulations! Logo # 8 is the perfect one. It represent everything I'm looking for. I documented it on the form. I love the colors! I'm excited about your commitment to excellence and would like to see the same attack on creating a custom design for a business card, letterhead and envelope.

     Frank Berry, Jr.
     Berry Music Factory

Thank you and 60minutelogo.com for your diligence and nice work! We are really proud of our new logo.

     Mark Harding
     Trinity Technology Group

    We absolutely love the logo, use us as a reference anytime.

     Amy Heber
     Serious Internet
    These logos are awesome. I am getting my partners' opinions before I select or modify. I will fill out the selection within the next day or two. Thank you for the good work.

     Tom Heard
     Amdato Technologies Incorporated
    At behalf of the Sports Youth America Soccer Club I want to congratulate you for your professionalism, dedication and patient demonstrated in the design process of our Logo. The final product looks great! I am sure that all our Club members, especially our kids, are going to feel proud of the symbol that will represent us.

Great job and thank you again.

     Hugo Escobar, President
     SYA Soccer Club
    I gotta tell you - You guys make this REALLY easy. I’ve already told 4 people about you guys today alone. I just find it hard to believe you have a team that bangs out logos like you do. By the way, 60 minute logo is an EXCELLENT name…Thanks for your personal email response and attention to my logo; I didn’t think it was possible to get this kind of service, this fast, on the internet! Keep up the good work- you run an outstanding business!

I love it, and congratulations on a job well done. It's a great logo!...Thank you for your "outstanding" assistance in my logo design. I contracted with a total of 5 other companies on the net and "60minutelogo" was superior in every aspect!

     Greg Broderick

    Thanks for a great Job. I will recommend you to anyone I here is looking for a logo.

     John Motherway
     Professional Retail Services
    YEAH!!! They are perfect! You did a fabulous job. Now we just have to try and decide which one we like best (not an easy task). Thanks for all of your hard work.

     Firstlight Midwifery Care
    Thanks a million for your work. It is really great!

     Jorge Guerrero
     ECO Audits

Exceptional and fast job!! My logo is great! It was a pleasure working with you and I will refer you to all of my friends.

     Barbara Bickham


Thanks alot!...Look forward to recieving the final files. Thanks again a lot to all the people who worked on this logo. You all made the whole procedure quite painless.

I will also be sending another brief by tomorrow for one of our other lines of business where we are launching a new division which needs a new logo.

     Ritu Anand
     Perfect Exhibition & Conference Organisers.
     Events and PR Co.
     United Arab Emirates

    We were extremely pleased with the logo design.  It captured the essence and personality of our company while giving our focus group the "confident feelings" we were trying to capture. We will definitely recommend your firm (and already have) to our business associates (they were impressed).  Kudos to you and your staff, great design, we can't wait to use it. You rock! 
     The CHM Crew
     Comfort Home Mortgage
    Thanks for the exellent logo! I am happy about your work!
     Mathew Cherian
     Jewel Surprise
    The logos look great logo. I will need another day to AGAIN get the fellas consensus, so will advise a.s.a.p.....Take care. Thanks so much for your attentiveness to customer service.....It's a pleasure.
     Victoria Simmons
    We love it and can't wait to get some pens, caps etc. with our logo on them.Thanks!!!
     Gennifer Brister
     Brister Stone
    I have submitted our comments on your logo designs.  Frankly, you have impressed and generally delighted everybody who is on the committee that I had put together to review them.
     Russ Johnsen
     Chairman and CEO
    Great job! It was just what we were looking for
     Orlando Mendoza
     Street Gear Technologies
    Wonderful work! Extremely pleased and happy with work done on my logo! Thanks!
     Lorett Cuadra
    Love this design! I purchased the Basic Package because I was unsure as to the quality and expectation that I had of both the logo and the service and felt that if the designs submited were completely off the mark, then I wouldn't be out that much cash and could chalk it up to experience. Needless to say I was impressed! Thank you so much for the excellent designs.
     Adrian Mitchell
     Bob Mitchell, Inc.
    I love this one!
You guys did a great job on these and I am excited about the amount of creativity....I did not think I would see several that I loved. You guys did great!

     Brian Kersnowski
     Platinum Lawn and Landscapes, LLC
    Hey Rich, you saved the day! The concept of your company, 60MinuteLogo, is unbeatable. Amazing work, amazing speed!! Thanks a million!
     Julie Schneider
    Nice job, Rich. You're brilliant!.... They look great!

     Craig Worsham
     Directing Commercials
    We love this one...Thanks!!

     Gerald Jacobs
     3rd Phase Engineering Software
    You have done it! This is what I was looking for!

     Jeffrey Carter
     Investment Training Group, LLC
    Thanks to all who had a part in making this a wonderful experience for me and my colleagues. I will definitely recommend you to others as well as use your services again in the near future!

     Lisa Adams
     Desktop Discoveries, Inc.
    The logo looks great! Thanks to you and Rich with providing this great service for us. As a start up company, keeping our expenses low is critical to us getting off the ground. However, we are working with many companies and will tout the 60 minutelogo team where ever we go. And, when we are ready (and can afford it), we will be back to have you put an entire package together for us. Until, many thanks!!

     John Gaulin
     Success Force, Inc.
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! It's frickin' PERFECT!! It's a wrap kids! Thank you so much!

Jill Hanson
     Jill Hanson Realtor

Wow, this was tough, because I really liked them all! You guys are BRILLIANT. OH! These are so amazing! Thanks! I am SO impressed! Can't wait to see what you'll do with my website!

     Danna Korm
     Gluten Freedom


Thanks! I hope to work with you again.!

     Ayako Jinno
     Canyon Trails Golf Club


I am very pleased with the logos. They're great! Thanks so much!!

     Sharon Tupper
     White Bear Enterprises, LLC


     Logo 2

     Sharon Tupper
     White Bear Enterprises, LLC


     Logo 3

     Sharon Tupper
     White Bear Enterprises, LLC



Thanks for leaving me something to think about over the weekend. Most businesses would have left me hanging. Thanks again for having the patience, foresight and creative team to help design our company logo. You've done an excellent job! Thank You!

     Mark A. Ayers, President
     Mail Image Plus, LLC

    Please check out at www.sweethome4you.com and you will see both your designs there. Lots of people like the logo when we passed out our business card. Thank you so much!

     Amy Nguyen
     Pacific Villa and J&A Financial
         Logo 2

     Amy Nguyen
     Pacific Villa and J&A Financial
    Thank you for your hard work!

     Chris Bright
     Personal Growth Dynamics
    Thank you for a job well done.

     John Brady
     History Quest

This is the one. It looks great!
Thanks for all of your help.

     Dean Ford
     Infinity Capital, Inc.

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