LOGO DESIGN REVISIONS  that are included in the logo design packages at 60Minute Logo.
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Logo Design Revisions

All of our packages include revisons to get your selected logo just right.

The number of rounds of revision cycles included depends on the logo design package purchased.

Our Basic logo design package includes two revision rounds, our Plus logo design package includes four rounds of revisions and our Premium logo design package has unlimited revisions.

To the right is a case study which illustrates a typical logo moving through the revision process.

Revisions can Include:
• Color revisions
• Font style revisions
• Image resizing
• Postioning of elements
• Addiition or deletion of elements
• Addition and placement of TM, LLC, SM

Please note Abstract refusals of the logo design are not considered.

Additional rounds can be added to any package for $100 per round.

















Initial designs are presented and a direction is selected.
The below ilustratates the types of revsions possible.

COLOR Revisions - Take a look at different color combinations

FONT Revisions - See what your logo looks like in a serif, san serif, script or some funky font

Deleting and Adding Elements - Maybe an underline or a box will make it just right

Positioning - Review your selection with a different placement of the elements

Sizing Revisions- Maybe the image needs to be a bit smaller or larger just ask.